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Department: Economics


Department of Economics was established in the year 2015, with B.A Economics programme.  The Department has well qualified teachers and equipments  (ICT Enabled) for effective teaching and research.

Study of Economics aim to understand the functions of  different stakeholders in the Economy such as, producers, consumers and government.  The economics curriculum develops tools and uses them to analyze a wide range of social issues, and also to study the role of the government to suggest  solutions  for these issues. Thus the course is deliberated to provide a broad understanding of economic problems in the national and global economy. However, the programme aims at providing knowledge on fundamental concepts and theoretical propositions, understanding of the institutions- social, political and economic that influence economic issues, and to provide  students an exposure to understanding economic problems and issues and preparing graduates for careers in government, business, labour, research and education.

Courses offered

BA Economics (SF)

Sanctioned strength                              :  40

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  • Mr. Madhusoodhanan K. HoD M.Sc., B.Ed. Asst. Professor (SF) + View Profile



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Statistical tools using Excel