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Programme Structure (Choice Based Credit Semester System)

Students shall be admitted into undergraduate programme under faculties of BCA, B A Arabic,B A English, Commerce, BSc.Electronics, BSc.Mathematics,BSc.Physics, B A Economics, BSc. Chemistry,B A Mass commuication. The Duration of an Under Graduate Programme shall be 6 semesters distributed in a period of 3 academic years. The odd semesters shall be from June to October and the even semesters shall be from November to March. Each semester shall have a minimum of 90 working days inclusive programme has got following courses (Papers).

  • Common Courses (Code A)
  • Core Courses (Code B)
  • Complementary Courses (Code C)
  • Open Courses (Code D)

Every under graduate student shall undergo 10 common courses (Total 38 Credits) chosen from a group of 14 common courses listed below, for completing the programme.

  • Communication skills in English.
  • Critical reasoning, writing and presentation.
  • Reading literature in English.
  • Reading on Indian constitution, secularism and sustaiable environment.
  • Literature and contemporary issues.
  • History and philosophy of science.
  • Communication skill in the languages other than English.
  • Translation and communication in languages other than English.
  • Literature in Malayalam / Hindi/ Other Indian / World languages other than English.
  • Culture and civilization (with a cumpulsory component of Kerala Culture).
  • Basics of Business and Management.
  • General Informatics.
  • Basic numerical skills.
  • Enterpreneurship Development