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Grievance Redressal Committee


The institution has a transparent mechanism carried out by the Grievance Redressal Cell (GRC) for the timely redressal of grievances raised by students from time to time. The GRC is constituted in accordance with the UGC Regulations, 2018 aimed at addressing and effectively resolving grievances of students. The GRC of the college practically functions at two levels:

  1. Department Level Grievance Redressal Committee (DGRC)
  2. Institutional Level Grievance Redressal Committee (IGRC)

Department Level Grievance Redressal Committee (DGRC)

Complaints related to academic, non-academic, personal, and the like, students are likely to have any time during their course on the campus will be directly addressed by the departments concerned through the DGRC of the department. Grievances pertaining to the general functioning of the college and those which fail to be resolved at the level of DGRC will be immediately forwarded to the IGRC. The grievances shall be brought before the tutor concerned or any other faculty for that matter, and the same will be forwarded to the DGRC which comprises the following members:

1. The Head of the Department

2. Staff Coordinator

3. Association Secretary/Class Monitors

The Grievance Redressal Committees follow the principle of natural justice while deciding on the grievances and take timely action to the benefit of the students ensuring emotional and moral support from the part of the institution. The individual departments are allowed the freedom to choose their modus operandi in resolving grievances in consultation with the GRC The online grievance portal in the College website provides a grievance form by way of which students can lodge their grievances, if required, directly to the IGRC. Also, they can make an appeal to any of the faculty on the campus they feel comfortable with, and the same will be brought to the notice of the DORC/IGRC without delay. Transparency in handling each grievance will be strictly maintained. Nonetheless, the GRCS guarantees confidentiality to protect the individual integrity and Honor of the aggrieved.

Complaints not related to departments and grievances not resolved at the DGRC will be referred to the IGRC which comprises the following members:

1. The Principal

2. Three Faculty Members (including at least one Female Faculty)

3. Two members from College Union (One female member)

4. Vice President of the PTA

5. One Local body representative

6. NSS/NCC Officer

7. Staff Advisor