A Challenging & Supportive Academic Environment

WMO Arts and Science College is a premier higher educational institution, is situated in most beautiful western ghats. WMO arts and science college is affiliated to the University of Calicut and college holds the highest point in the district with regard to NAAC accreditation and has been accredited A grade with grade point of 3.12. The institution has been empowering the backward minorities, orphans and destitute upholding the ethical and moral values. The campus bound with academic and serene vicinity that conducive to educational and extracurricular developments. currently, WMO arts and science college offers 3 postgraduate level programmes and 6 undergraduate level programmes affiliated to the University of Calicut. The college is aided by the Govt. of Kerala and has been accredited by NAAC.



All students of the college are members of the library. Strict silence should be maintained in the library.


The College offers facilities for games like foot-ball, volley-ball, cricket, ball badminton, handball,badminton (etc).


The college provides hostel facilities for both boys and girls.Students should submit to the college office full Information regarding their residence


A Canteen is being maintained for providing food at subsidised rates to the students and staff of the college.