education and some more...

Manager Message

WMO Arts and Science College is one of the prominent colleges in Kerala which is located in mountain cladded pristine valley of Muttil. Following the college's motto "Education and some more", it uplifts youths especially orphans and destitute, and educates them to be the torch bares of societal upliftment. The college establishes an academic and peaceful atmosphere for intellectual inquiry and personality development with a holistic perspective. And the College is vigilant in striving for academic excellence, creativity, and social commitments of citizens by upholding ethical and religious values. Students are our greatest asset. So providing them an advanced education and motivation are our prime concerns. The Management Committee is giving special care to this prestigious college by monitoring its progress and boosting up for further advancement.

The Academic and Non-academic development of students for the last five decades have exceptionally cherished the prestige of our institution. Its mission and vision extend to exhilarating deprived communities in Wayanad and neighboring districts. The college hails commodious and fruitful discussions and debates on socially relevant issues.

We are proud and joyful to be part of this esteemed institution, which is shaping modern India. In its journey of endeavor and fidelity, WMO marked its own space in the public domain of society.

I wish all the very best to the successful journey of WMO Arts and Science college