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Student Support Services

WMO Arts and Science College is one of the educational institutions managed by the Wayanad Muslim Orphanage, located in a disadvantaged hilly district of India. The College is situated in an area where most of the population belongs to the Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe and other backward minorities. Wayanad has a low urbanization rate of 4%, which is significantly below the state average of 16%.

With the noble vision to foster holistic growth and overall development of our students, the College has an effective Student Support System (SSS) with a social commitment to the citizens, especially the backward minorities, orphans, and destitute, upholding ethical and moral values. As an institutional flagship initiative, the SSS aims to empower our students to achieve their full potential by providing various resources, guidance, and assistance throughout their academic journey.

The Mentoring System in our College reflects our dedication to providing holistic support to our students. Training programs for faculty members are arranged for the effective implementation of the program. By offering individualized attention, goal setting, emotional support, and professional guidance, we empower our students to make the most of their college experience. The mentor-mentee relationships formed through this program enrich the educational journey, enabling students to develop the skills, confidence, and resilience necessary for success in both their academic pursuits and future careers.

The mentoring system in the institution is coordinated by the Department of Social Work. A workshop on the mentoring program is conducted for faculty, and all departments in the College follow a uniform, contextualized and evidence-based format for the assessment and intervention with mentees.

The Free-ships and Scholarships Program in the College serves as a testament of its commitment to educational access, inclusivity, and fostering talent. By providing financial assistance and recognition to deserving students, the College strive to break down barriers and create an environment that empowers every student to achieve their fullest potential. Through this initiative, we continue to strengthen the foundation of the College as an institution that values academic excellence and supports the dreams of its diverse student community.

The Edu Support Scheme is a financial assistance program specifically designed for economically backward students in the self-financed departments and the students from Wayanad Muslim Orphanage to ensure that all deserving students have equal access to quality education, regardless of their financial background. The program aims to alleviate the financial burden on economically backward students, enabling them to pursue their educational goals and reach their full potential. The scheme includes semester fee concession, hostel fee concession and food stamps. It envisions continuous growth in terms of funding and the number of students benefiting from the program.

A monitoring committee is constituted for the Edu support scheme to ensure transparency and fairness in the application and eligibility process. The Principal serves as the Chairman of the monitoring committee. His role is to provide overall guidance and leadership to the committee, ensuring the smooth functioning of the scheme. Mr Rasheed N K has been appointed as the Convenor of the scheme. The Convenor plays a pivotal role in coordinating the activities of the committee, overseeing the application review process, and ensuring effective communication between the committee members and the applicants. The committee ensures fair and unbiased decision-making, considering the available resources and the overall objectives of the scheme, and maintains accurate records of the process, including documentation related to the eligibility, assessment and final decisions. This ensures transparency and provides a reference for future evaluations and audits.

RUTH is the charity wing of the College, Muttil, which aims at inculcating humanitarian values among students. This program fosters democratic values and emphasizes empathy in students and the working staff as well. Aiming to develop a benevolent attitude towards fellow beings, this program encourages students to donate a part of their pocket money to RUTH. The Funds are also collected from the staff members towards this program. The funds mobilized are utilized to cater to the needs of the underprivileged persons in the college community as well as in society as a whole.

Support for Extracurricular Activities: The College places great emphasis on extracurricular activities, fostering a well-rounded educational experience for our students. The College boast well-organized sports and arts-related bodies ensuring that students receive comprehensive support and access to training facilities.

At the college level, we host exciting annual athletic meets and inter-departmental competitions, allocating funds to train and coach students in various games, including football, volleyball, fencing, wushu, cricket, fitness activities, athletics and more. The College actively funds these training and coaching programs, nurturing the talents of our students in their chosen fields. Additionally, we extend our support to intercollegiate and university competitions, offering Travel Allowance (TA) and Daily Allowance (DA) to facilitate participation.

The College's commitment to the arts is equally strong. The university fine arts competitions operate on a three-level system: college level, intercollegiate F zone, and inter-zone. To ensure our students shine on the artistic stage, the College provides financial assistance for travelling, training and costumes at all three levels.

Moreover, our support extends beyond the college campus. The College provide funding for students representing our institution in extracurricular and curricular competitions held outside the college premises. By doing so, the College encourages students to excel not only within the walls but also on broader platforms, showcasing their talent to the world.

Flood Relief Support: The College hosted flood relief camps on the campus while flood calamities hit Kerala in 2018 and 2019. It provided shelter to more than 1000 affected people, including the families of our own students. Mr Ashraf Manoth, Lab Assistant of the College, was the camp coordinator, and more than 100 student volunteers played a crucial role in organizing the camp. The students actively participated in the flood-related survey activities and the flood relief material distribution under the supervision of district authorities. When the Covid-19 Pandemic started, the college hostel was used to accommodate Covid patients.

WMO Arts and Science College stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment in the disadvantaged hilly district of Wayanad. With a strong commitment to social responsibility and inclusivity, the College's Student Support System (SSS) goes above and beyond to nurture the holistic growth and development of its students.