Two NSS units are functioning in the college with 200 active volunteers under the leadership of two program officers. The NSS units in the college have designed several programmes for fostering the all round personality development of the students. The NSS activities are aimed at imparting a sense of involvement among students in the task of nation building. Enrichment and preservation of the environment, health education, adult literacy, national integration and social harmony are some of the areas focused by NSS. The Seven Day special camps are conducted every year at various places with the support of the local people. Society linkage and community participation are ensured during these camps.



A unit of 9 Kerala Girls Battalion was sanctioned to W.M.O Arts and Science College in the academic year 2009-2010.The allotted strength of the unit is 54.Ms. Shyla K H, Assistant Professor of Arabic is in charge of NCC followed by Ms Sunitha A P, Assistant Professor of Physics who has recently been relieved to join in Govt. Victoria College, Palakkad Ten cadets participated in the ten-day annual training camp from 24th April 2009 to 2nd September 2009 at Mavoor, Calicut.17 cadets participated in ten-day annual training camp from 23rd September 2009 to 2nd October 2009 at Mavoor, Calicut.

Two cadets Ms. Vrinda S Nair and Ms. Nikitha were selected to the National Integration Camp at Kohima, Nagaland.They performed well and got prizes and certificates for the extra curricular activities during the camp period.Two cadets Ms Arshida and Ms Smitha got selection for Hospital Attachment Camp held at Kochi. As part of social out reach activity, the cadets visited Muttil Tribal colony on 5th October 2009 and conducted classes for children.The cadets conducted a seminar on ‘Iodine Deficiency Disorder in India’. Sri Jose, Junior Health Inspector, Vazhavatta, Wayanad handled a class on the topic on 25th November 2009.Our cadets visited houses situated within 5km circumference from the college and gave awareness about iodine deficiency disorders to the commoners. Another seminar was conducted on 3rd December 2009 on the importance of traffic rules and regulations. Police Officers Sri Jose, Sri Shahajahan, Smt. Prameela were the resource persons.

A training session was held on 21st January 2010 in the presence of Sri Shreyams Kumar M. L A to train the cadets in firing, Map Reading, Gun Management etc.

Awards and Endowments

Nandhita Endowment

In remembrance of a versatile poet and a former faculty of the department of english.Nandhita an endowment programme in organised by department of english under the visiters name every year.

Sreelatha Endowment

An endowment is formed to commemorate Ms. Sreelatha, former Lecturer of Department of Malayalam, by her colleagues, friends and students the endowment committee organizes various competitions in Malayalam literature and organizes Sreelatha Memorial Lecture every year.

Clubs and Forums

Readers Forum

This club functioning in the college to create healthy atmosphere to support the reading habit among the students. Club associates its activities with library to implement the idea ‘one book for each student in a week’.

Entrepreneural Development Club (EDC)

The entrepreneurial development club launched by the ministry of industries, Govt . Of Kerala is Functioning in the college for creating Entrepreneurship awareness among the students.

Tourism Club

The Tourism Club is functioning in the college in association with DTPC and the Department of Tourism, Govt. of Kerala. The members are selected through the Nature Oriented Quiz Programme. The Club encourages tourism in the District by bringing up students from various institutions.

Womens Club

The objective of the cell is to obtain congenial working environment for women employees and students of the college in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Supreme Court of India. The cell also acts as a grievance redressal forum for women.

Quiz Club

With an aim of promoting quiz talents among the students in general and enriching the general knowledge in particular, the college is running a Quiz Club.

Singing Nest

The college is nurturing singing talents of the students under the nest, the ‘Singing Nest’. Singing Nest is a group of students talented and interested in music.

Writers Circle

Writers’ Circle is functioning in the college to find out the students who are interested in creative writing. The students present their creative works in the Writers Circle which meets every month.

Placement Cell

Placement cell is operating effectively in the college with a view to placing the students on the right career path.

Research Promotion Council

Placement cell is operating effectively in the college with a view to placing the students on the right career path.


Ruth is a charity initiative by the staff and students of WMO Arts & Science college, Muttil to provide financial support to the students and the needy people around the college. It started functioning in the college from 2014. The fund for the functioning of this charity wing is received as donations from the students and faculty members of the college. Ruth is mainly concentrating to provide financial aid to students, their family members and nearby people in medical emergencies. People suffering from major diseases like Cancer, Kidney failure etc. were supported through Ruth. Through this platform, we were able to help many students, who met with major accidents during this period. Wayand is a district with a high density of tribal population, and also majority are engaged in agriculture rather than business or government jobs. As a result, the financial background of a vast majority is very weak. A large fraction of the students is from families of lower economic status. In such a situation it becomes impossible for their families to manage things when there happens an accident or critical disease to any one family member. So the charity initiatives like Ruth is a great help to the underprivileged people of this area. Also, such charity initiatives will teach the students to be compassionate and kind to their fellow beings. This will help to eliminate selfishness and narrow-mindedness from their character. So the practices of charity will help to improve ones on personality. So far we have distributed 4,20000 rupees through Ruth and around 40 percent of which is given as medical aid to local people.


This is a platform from intellectual debate or discussions, which promote morals and ethics among the students.

PG Dias

P.G. Dias is a platform for post graduate students. It conducts programmes aimed at the development of P.G. Students.


The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an important body which takes initiative to do the best for the development of the college. Membership of the PTA is compulsory to all the parents of the students of the college. The PTA executive regularly meets for the planning and implementation of all matters pertaining to the physical, mental and moral welfare of the students.

Following are the main activities of the PTA during the last five years:-